A subjective look at anti-Catalan prejudice in Spain

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01 03 2009 – door : Matthew Tree

Life on the receiving end: A subjective look at anti-Catalan prejudice in Spain

Back in the Sixties – Franco’s time, when use of the Catalan language was still largely illegal outside the privacy of home – there was an incident on the Spanish Cadena SER radio station that’s still remembered in Catalonia today.

The best-known voice of the period, a presenter called Bobby Deglané – who usually came on to his guests, according to author Quim Monzó, like a ‘knight in shining syrup’ – invited a Catalan comedienne, Mary Santpere, also well-known throughout Spain, onto his weekend show. Straight out, he came out with: ‘Mary, is it true that you Catalans, rather than talk, simply bark, just like dogs?’. To which Santpere, after a moment of being taken aback, replied, ‘I wouldn’t say that, but in Catalonia, as it happens, Bobby is a very typical dog’s name’. Those of us who came to live in post-Franco Catalonia found and still find it inexplicable that in the rest of Spain anti-Catalan jibes of the bobbydeglanesque type, or worse, are a lot more common than anyone might reasonably expect after 30 years of democracy.

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