10,000 Catalans to March on Brussels

bron : http://british-nats-watch.blogspot.com | Monday, February 16, 2009

10,000 Catalans to March on Brussels

Once you’ve been on the St David’s Day parade in the capital, you may wish to go another parade – this time in Brussels

DeumilI’ve just been alerted to a massive campaign in the Catalan Countries to march on the European Capital on 7 March to demand the right of the Catalan nation to chose their own constitutional future. The organisers are aiming for 10,000 persons to travel from Catalonia to Brussels for the march… and seem to be on target!

At the moment, the Spanish constitution has made it illegal to hold a referendum on succession from the Spanish state. So, although this right is part of the Good Friday Agreement in the UK and one supposes were Wales or Scotland to wish so, then we could also hold a referendum to leave the UK. This basic right doesn’t exist in Spain. This illogical decision is one reason for the continued violence in the Basque Country.

Klik hier voor het volledige artikel.

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